what is thought theory?

Thought theory is a hypothetical framework that unites the physical world around us with our mental world.

Expressed as:
‘universe = matter + mind’

the universe is described as a dualistic hyper-dimensional space, called mind space. It has physical dimensions and abstract dimensions that intersect one another.

Mindspace is the region where symbols exist

From a physical space perspective, one does not “see” the hyper-dimensions of mind space; they can only be “experienced” by living creatures. The abstract dimensions are completely invisible pathways interconnecting thoughts, ideas, and other minds.

In thought theory, the mind space is arranged into patterns (that go on to form symbols).

Check out Thought Theory, in a Nutshell, to see what the patterns are.

Pythagoras, Socrates, and Plato, among other ancient greeks, provided the intellectual foundation for modern society. The modern world was founded on  the visions of these and other Greek philosophers. They got at the root of what drives people’s minds. The Ancient Greeks seeded civilization with ideas that have since grown into massive symbols of the […]