7 questions to ask

Here are 7 questions that garner revealing answers. They are questions you can ask job candidates.

These are 7 questions to ask yourself.

Find people with these. Find yourself with emotional intelligence.



  1. Who inspires you and why?
  2. If you were starting a company, what would be the top 3 values?
  3. If your business goals change, how would you lead your team through the change?
  4. Did you build lasting relationships while at your previous job?
  5. What skill or expertise do you feel you still lack?
  6. Can you teach me something?
  7. What are the top 3 factors you would attribute to your success?

Make the time to answer these questions. I’m sure you’ll do some searching. This is good. You’ll find your priorities and you’ll learn some items about yourself.

This post was inspired by Carolyn Sun. Accelerate you and your business.


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