the ai domain

Typically, AI is part of the domain of computer science and engineering. That domain is about achieving a well-defined goal. Like building a bridge to carry vehicular traffic. The bridge carries the traffic, mission accomplished.

An important advancement in AI was the AlphaGo computer which won against a human at Go. This brought us to the threshold that human cognition is not the center of the universe. The AlphaGo computer is a major advancement. It won at Go. Mission accomplished.

We need to take a step back and understand what artificial intelligence is. It’s built with a modular building plan in mind. AlphaGo, among other things, was built to play Go and to win.

There are scientists that want AI with cognitive abilities comparable to the human brain.

AI’s ability to do different things instead of being a specialist in just one realm is the challenge computer scientists face.

Ever stop to think about artificial intelligence (AI)? The AI nature has infiltrated much of our lives. We have trading bot programs on Wall Street and surveillance cameras with facial recognition software. IBM’s Watson has ventured into the medical field. The “AI list” is practically endless. AI is helping our lives become more efficient. Humans […]