Figuring out a way to teach a computer empathy is quickly becoming a business in itself. Empathy is a tricky business. To ever fully understand how someone else is feeling is difficult. Empathy is considered, however, a quality which makes us human. As machine learning becomes more popular, empathy is one complex human factor that […]

Ever stop to think about artificial intelligence (AI)? The AI nature has infiltrated much of our lives. We have trading bot programs on Wall Street and surveillance cameras with facial recognition software. IBM’s Watson has ventured into the medical field. The “AI list” is practically endless. AI is helping our lives become more efficient. Humans […]

Pythagoras, Socrates, and Plato, among other ancient greeks, provided the intellectual foundation for modern society. The modern world was founded on  the visions of these and other Greek philosophers. They got at the root of what drives people’s minds. The Ancient Greeks seeded civilization with ideas that have since grown into massive symbols of the […]

The theory that modern Freemasonry is in some sense a direct descendant from the ancient Mysteries has held a peculiar attraction for Masonic writers. The world is rife with men who will debate the issue for a long time. It is a difficult subject to write about because this topic covers so much ground. We […]